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Lottie Ryan is the founder of Who’s That Lady where she supports women living with chronic illness to create the life they really want despite it all. She shows women how to improve their well-being through her personal blueprint for self-care, developed over 17 years living with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and its accompanying complications.

She’s a mum of two young sons aged 11 and 9. Over the course of her time as a parent she has undergone a total Proctocolectomy with ileo-anal anastomosis (JPouch surgery),which resulted in living with an ostomy for 6 months, and has more recently had a small bowel resection. She and her family have had to get through many difficult, life threatening times and here she tells her story about her experience living with an ostomy.

I gave birth to my second baby boy on a cold January morning, at home. The midwives were present, my mom delivered him and all was perfect. Except it wasn’t.

During the pregnancy my Ulcerative Colitis had got progressively worse so I was on steroids throughout, which triggered Steroid Induced Gestational Diabetes, for which I was treated with daily insulin injections. It was a trying time, but I was to be rewarded with the greatest gift of all, so I hung in there and moved through my pregnancy one day at a time. Continue reading

My names Danielle I’m 21 and I’m from South Wales, and like the title says I’ve had an Ileostomy for 6 months. I was born with imperforate anus, at 24 hours old I had to have surgery for a pull-through and was given a Colostomy bag till the age of 3. Obviously I don’t remember any of that but my mother chose for me to have the colostomy reversed and I’m so glad she did! Even though the outcome has given me an ileostomy, I honestly wouldn’t change anything!


As a child I had laxatives on prescription and frequent enemas. These were given to me to help me deal with everyday life. I never made a fuss as I didn’t know any different.

As an adult, my chronic constipation got harder to handle and I ended up having to use anal irrigation, which was not fun at all! At the age of 20 I never felt so down and sick.  I couldn’t believe everything that was happening to me at such a young age. Continue reading

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