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After you’ve had surgery for an ileostomy, be it for Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis or bowel cancer, you will find that you’re constantly feeling very tired, which will be something that most of you will be very familiar with due to previous illness. Many people question whether this is normal. Well, unfortunately after having a general anaesthetic you are bound to feel very fatigued. Your body has just received very powerful drugs along with drugs for the pain relief which can quite often involve morphine, therefore it is going to take a good few months, perhaps even a year for them to completely clear your body. I was especially guilty of doing too much too soon after I was first given my stoma. Continue reading


I have had the pleasure of knowing my ileostomy for nearly 3 years and unfortunately in that time have had a large number of pancaking experiences, again not the nice kind. A common reason for this pancake, and the reason for mine is thick output (I know, one day I’ll get a sexy disease!) this can be for reasons such as eating too much fibre or dehydration. Continue reading

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