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Sam Cleasby runs IBD website So Bad Ass, spreading awareness of Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Ostomies and Jpouches and also body image and self-esteem.  She is a writer and public speaker working all over the UK bringing humour and honesty to her tales of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

 She knows the pain and embarrassment that IBD can cause; how it affects quality of life, work and relationships. Her blog is about shouting out about chronic illness and spreading the word.  It is about not feeling alone, it is about stopping poo being taboo and sharing experiences.  It is about being So Bad Ass. Continue reading



I am an energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious young woman, embracing her life with an ostomy bag and free from the pain of Ulcerative Colitis. For 14 years I suffered from crippling pain, fatigue and constant diarrhoea, battling to get through every day. I lived in fear of surgery and life with a stoma, I thought it would make me feel undesirable and disgusting and, for a long time, thought I would rather die. But last year I ran out of options and had a subtotal ileostomy, leaving me with a temporary ostomy bag. I immediately felt like a new woman. I was suddenly able to do what I wanted when I wanted instead of having my life ruled by my dodgy bowel, which often left me unable to leave the house.

I can’t eat sprouts. They are possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to digest – that’s just one of the little facts I discovered last Christmas as I enjoyed my first festive holiday with an ostomy.

Last year was probably the best Christmas of my adult life. For the first time I can remember I enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings without the constant pain of Ulcerative Colitis. I managed to sit through almost the entire meal (yes all the courses), unwrap all my presents and even join in all the family games with only a few visits to the bathroom.

It was magical. I don’t think I have ever been so happy. Continue reading

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